Faith of a Fairy Light

Ever wonder if you have the faith it takes to be effective? I’m not talking about uprooting mountains or trees. I’m talking about a faith that believes your life will turn out ok. A faith that stands when the world around us is shaking. A faith that can pray for a loved one and know that God’s hand will be moved.

Jesus said that all we need is a faith the size of a mustard seed. If you’re like me, you may have wondered what exactly that looks like? It’s hard for me to apply that analogy to my life.

But I had another idea. Have you seen those new LED strings of lights? They can be used for Christmas decorations or for every-day use. Sometimes they’re called Fairy Lights. I used them all over my house. The wire on those strings is so thin. It’s amazing that it works.

Could our faith be like that skinny wire?

No matter how thin the wire is, the electricity still goes through it and lights the LED bulbs. I was getting stuck on the image of the seed. Maybe Jesus is talking about the potential of the small package, not the size.

Faith that connects to the source of power and utilizes that power is a faith that works – no matter the size. A cable used to cross the Atlantic ocean and those skinny fairy lights both accomplish their task. Our focus should be on the source of power, not the gauge of the “wire.”

As usual, the point is Jesus, not me. Abide in the vine. Stay connected. That’s the point.

Our skinny faith will accomplish all that is needed as long as it’s connected to Jesus’ power. Don’t spend your energy on getting a bigger wire. Be a conduit for the flow of God’s love into the lives of others. Let your light shine.

God is so good and we are so loved.

I’m grateful for you and sincerely hope this helps.