Worship Leader

Do you relate to any of these?

1. You don’t have private worship time with the Lord between Sunday services.

Worship has begun to feel like a job. On Sunday, I’m so busy leading and doing all the things in my small church, I don’t feel a connection to the Lord, let alone a sense of peace.”

2. You don’t REALLY experience the love of Jesus everyday.

“I sing about the love of Jesus, but I find myself shaken by outside circumstances. To be honest, I still feel unworthy of it.”

3. When God does something that’s hard to understand, I feel farther from Him.

“The mystery of God makes me suspicious of His actions in my life. I don’t want to believe something that’s wrong. “

4. When you read your Bible, it doesn’t make a difference to your day-to-day life.

“I try to do my bible reading on most days but I’m just ‘checking a box’ of Christian duty. When I do study the Word, it’s in preparation for Sunday.”

5. You can’t see God at work in your life. He seems silent.

“Does Jesus really have a plan for my life? Is He trying to communicate with me or is it just a one-way street? How can I know that God is really with me all day, every day?”

If this is YOU keep reading…

Live as a Worshiper

Coming back from my own ministry burnout, Jesus showed me how to transform my spiritual life. Small practices and simple devotion made all the difference.

Over the years, I have shared these practices with many others in small groups and retreat settings. I’ve seen firsthand the transformation it brings.

But by the end of 2021, I was feeling called to come back to this material. My heart for worship leaders has prompted me to tailor the course just for YOU.

In this webinar, you’ll learn to:

  • C – cultivate a heart of worship
  • L – love with abandon
  • O – open your heart to the mystery of God
  • S – soak in the scriptures
  • E – expect God to show up

Closeness with Jesus is a matter of learning to be in His presence. Only then can you minister out of the OVERFLOW.

I'm sharing what changed my life...

You can find your passion and joy again AND lead worship in your small church.

The first run of this class for Worship Leaders will be live…

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Karelin James. I experienced all those things above…and more.

As a worship leader at a small church for more years than I can count, I found myself ministering from an empty cup. People were blessed and connecting with the Lord but I was burning out. Leading worship became a burden.

But Jesus is so faithful. By His grace He reminded me that worship must first be personal before it can be corporate.

I answered the call to come close to Jesus and haven’t looked back.

Raised in the church, I call myself a denominational mutt; Charismatic Episcopal Church upbringing, Catholic school, Lutheran school, Assembly of God school, and Nazarene University. My heart is happiest blending the liturgical with the Spirit-filled.

A follower of Jesus for almost 50 years, I’ve had many opportunities to use my gifts. For the last 25+ years, I’ve both led worship and been on the team, taught Bible studies, been a conference speaker, and church administrator.

In my home life (while leading worship), I homeschooled my four children from pre-school through high school, ran several businesses, and been the wife to my high school sweetheart for over 35 years. My kids are all adults now, and I’m even a grandma! God is good, and we are so loved.

Through it all, Jesus is my “one thing.”

It is my great joy to lead you on the path that has transformed my life.