Unshakable peace
Rock-solid spiritual life

In this 5-week journey, you will discover that closeness with Jesus is a matter of engaging in personal worship, remembering who you are in Christ, and cultivating spiritual awareness to hear his voice.

Come CLOSE to Jesus

Week-by-week focus:

  • C – cultivate a heart of worship
  • L – love with abandon
  • O – open your heart to mystery
  • S – soak in the scriptures
  • E – expect God to show up
Coming CLOSE to Jesus can put you on the path to living your life with peace and purpose. If you want a deeper relationship with Jesus and a new identity as Jesus’ beloved then…Come CLOSE to Jesus.
5-Week Online journey


What’s Included:

5 Weekly video lessons

  • All videos are available on the password-protected member page.
  • Immediately available. View any time. Watch as many times as you’d like.
  • Lessons present the theme for the week and teach the prayer practices.
  • Each lesson runs between 30-40 minutes.

Course Guide

  • Viewer’s Guide for the video lessons.
  • Devotional Guide
    • Monday – Friday scripture reading plan. Each scripture will take you deeper into the theme of the week.
  • Weekly Journaling Prompt
  • Prayer Practice Guide for each week:
    • Adoration Break
    • Breath Prayer
    • Lectio Divina
    • SOAP Bible Inquiry
    • The Prayer of Examen

Dear Jesus follower,

Why does it seem that we can be close to the Lord for a few hours after our quiet time and then fall back into the struggle of daily life? We get bad news or have a busy day and our peace is gone. Some days, we can be thrown into despair. 

Why is peace so hard to hang on to? Even those devoted to the Lord fight for the joy they are promised. Like me, you know deep down there is more to the Christian life than the emotional rollercoaster of faith and doubt, joy and fear. 

At one point in my life, I believed that the more I DID for God, the closer I would be to him. Bible study after Bible study left me with lots of KNOWLEDGE but little FAITH.

But, when I focused on the LOVE Jesus has for me, everything turned around. I didn’t need more knowledge, I needed to learn how to BE in God’s presence. From him flows joy, peace, and love. When I live CLOSE to Jesus, my life makes sense…and I have Peace.

But being in God’s presence doesn’t come naturally. If it did, we wouldn’t struggle in our faith. It is my desire to share what I’ve learned with those who might benefit from a guide/mentor to help them establish a consistent pattern and practice of pulling close to Jesus.

There’s so much to gain…


CLOSE to Jesus
for Worship Leaders