You don’t have to journey alone…

Having a guide is an ancient tradition.

A pilgrimage is a sacred journey. 

For centuries, God’s people have been leaving home in search of a more intimate relationship with Him. The road was long and often difficult. There were many paths to choose. Having a guide meant traveling with confidence that you would arrive at your desired destination.

Life can be a pilgrimage right where you are. 

Your life is a spiritual journey on the Way to grow deeper in fellowship with Jesus. Living as a pilgrim, at home or abroad, gives life purpose, direction, and depth.

Where do you start?

Pilgrims guides have been called by many names; spiritual directors, life coaches, and mentors. My role is to assist you in discovering your God-given character, skills, and talents, then walk with you as you formulate and pursue your life goals. 

You don’t even need to know where you want to go… I can offer you tools to help you hear God’s voice, make decisions, and break through limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being all God created you to be. 

Restlessness is a good thing!

If you are feeling a stirring deep within that tells you there is more to life than you are experiencing, I’d say you are ready to take the next step.

Life Balance

What if it was possible to stop the unwanted cycle of stress, fatigue and frustration and bring balance back into your life? I’ll help you to ‘break your life down’ into seven main areas so that you can identify the specific areas in your life that are currently ‘out of balance.’

Core Values

Our values should determine our priorities in life, and they are generally the measures we use to determine if life is heading in the direction we want it to. However, when these don’t align with our values, that’s when we start feeling like something’s ‘wrong’ and this can lead to unhappiness and frustration. To avoid this, we must make a real effort to identify what our values actually are.

Contemplative woman


Getting to the core of who you are is like getting to the heart of an apple. The apple will never be the best and highest expression of itself (in its current form) because there’s a tree inside of each apple in the shape of a seed. This seed needs to be released, and it needs to be transformed!

Goal Setting

Goal setting is a lifetime process. It is pointless having a personalized set of goals (even with the most actionable plans) if it just sits in your drawer gathering dust and doing nothing. Your Goals and Action Plan are your map to a meaningful future, it’s your guide for living and should frequently be referred to as this will ensure that you keep heading in the right direction.

Start here: Life Balance

Life can be broken down into 7 areas. Keeping them in balance takes intention. 

Walk through simple questions that will reveal the source of frustration and stress in your life. 

Get your inner pilgrimage off to a great start!

Download your Life Balance PDF here.